What Life is Like at a Nursing Facility

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If you’re considering moving to a skilled nursing facility or have a family member who may move to one, you’re not alone. There are more than 15,500 certified nursing homes in the United States. Currently, 1.4 million people call these nursing facilities home. 

A nurse assisting an elderly patient at a skilled nursing facility.

It is natural to wonder what nursing facility life is like for seniors. Discovering what senior care facilities offer can give you peace of mind about making a skilled nursing facility part of your family’s future.

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What are the advantages of living in a nursing facility?

Skilled nursing facilities are safe, structured environments where residents can access the medical care and services they need to thrive. Although they’re medical facilities with attentive healthcare teams, including licensed physicians, assisted living nurses, and licensed therapists, skilled nursing facilities aren’t hospitals. They’re like a home. 

Some of the advantages of living in a nursing facility include access to the following:

  • 24-hour nursing care: Our nursing team provides round-the-clock care, ensuring access to the care you need day or night
  • Customized medical care: Your medical team strives to deliver the health services you need to thrive. Some of the services offered at skilled nursing facilities include care for the following:
    • Alzheimer’s/memory loss
    • Complex wounds 
    • Infectious diseases 
    • Joint replacement 
  • Delicious and nutritious meals: Staying nourished is essential to personal health care. One out of every ten elderly living at home aren’t eating enough. At skilled nursing facilities, facility staff ensure delicious, nutritious meals are available throughout the day.
  • On-site therapy: Traveling to medical appointments is time-consuming and can be tedious and tiring. With on-site therapy, you can access essential medical care without leaving. On-site therapy includes:
    • Behavior therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Speech therapy
  • Proactive care: Our assisted living team recognizes signs of health issues and will notify our nurses and medical team, who will take steps to ensure you receive a prompt assessment and appropriate treatment for any needs that arise

Staying home and hiring professionals to provide your care is more expensive. You’re also at the mercy of the elements and life circumstances. You could miss care for hours or days if staff cannot reach you because of heavy rain, hurricanes, mechanical issues, personal matters, or extreme temperatures. Those who call assisted living facilities “home” don’t have to worry about calling agencies and finding replacements; residents always have access to the personal and medical care professionals they need. 

What is life like for residents in an assisted living facility?

Assisted living facilities offer structured and unstructured social opportunities. Families and friends are welcome to visit, ensuring you can spend quality time with the people important to you. Plus, on-site social activities allow you to make new friends.

Living at an assisted living facility offers several advantages. You don’t simply bring some of the comforts of home to assisted living; you create a new, safe environment that provides for your essential medical, social, and personal needs. 

What happens in a nursing facility?

Nursing facility residents receive appropriate assistance to complete essential daily living tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They may attend appointments, participate in planned activities, and use facility amenities throughout the day.

There are many assisted living facility activities residents can enjoy, including the following:

  • Classes
  • Exercise
  • Games
  • Trips

Some skilled nursing facility activities include beauty care. Depending on the facility, its amenities may include an on-site beauty salon. Facility staff may also schedule trips to local beauty salons so residents can get a haircut, have their hair styled, or get manicures.

A typical day

These are some of the daily events assisted living facility residents can expect:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Staff ensure residents have healthy, tasty meals throughout the day
  • Assistance with personal care: Assisted living facility staff provide the assistance required by each individual. Some may need limited one-on-one care, while others need help bathing and dressing.
  • Appointments: Some individuals may have medical appointments throughout the day
  • Activities: Staff offer various activities, including physical and social activities suitable for residents
  • Classes: Learning new things and honing your talents are great ways to stay mentally active and engaged

Do elderly people enjoy being in a nursing facility?

Many older adults worry about what will happen if they have an accident at home and can’t reach the phone. Still, some people struggle with losing control and being in a residence where others govern their lives.

Fortunately, nursing facility residents retain decision-making control. Every resident is free to make choices about the activities they want to engage in. Residents enjoy various menu options, ensuring they enjoy foods they find appealing instead of being forced to eat what they’re served.

Many older adults experience social isolation, with almost 25% of people 65 or older affected. At nursing facilities, residents can connect to others, make new friends, and enjoy activities that promote social engagement. Moving to a nursing facility doesn’t mean leaving friends and family behind; friends and family are welcome to see you in your new environment. 

Residents also enjoy privacy in their rooms. Those who need time alone can enjoy peace in their personal space. 

What Haven Health offers

A nurse assisting an elderly patient at a skilled nursing facility.

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