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Five elderly people are eating breakfast together at an assisted living facility.

Guide to Moving a Parent to Assisted Living

The human body changes as people age, affecting bodily systems and increasing the risk of injuries. You could spend months or years coping with an elderly parent’s injuries after an accident at home or elsewhere. Prepare an aging parent to move to an assisted living facility by learning about common reasons seniors have accidents, common…

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older couple looking at documents together

What Is a Living Will?

While it’s not something anybody wants to think about, everyone is going to die someday. You may not get to know how or when you will leave this world, but there is a way to make sure that your final wishes are honored. Unfortunately, not many people seem to plan ahead to ensure that their…

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patient relearning to walk with help from occupational therapist

What’s the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy?

After an injury or surgery, some individuals need support to reach a full and successful recovery. Physical therapy and occupational therapy help post-surgical patients or those recovering from a recent medical procedure or illness regain strength, mobility and the skills needed for activities of daily living (ADLs). But what is the difference? Who needs physical…

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