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At Haven Health, we understand that finding the right care provider for your specific needs can sometimes be overwhelming. Haven Health’s caring professionals provide the advanced treatments and compassionate care our patients need to thrive.

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Alzheimer’s Memory Care

For those who are experiencing progressive memory loss, our skilled nurses provide specialized care designed to support and protect our patients and their families. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and similar conditions often become too difficult to manage at home. But with specialized memory care, our caring professionals help residents stay active, maintain family connections and meet their emotional needs. We create a safe environment with diligent caregivers that allow residents to get the care they need with dignity and respect.

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Assisted Living

Haven Health’s assisted living facilities promote maximum independence in a caring community. With beautiful, comfortable housing and support with activities of daily life (ADLs), our caring professionals also provide immediate access to essential healthcare services for each patients’ needs. With immediate access to advanced rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to adapt to our patients’ changing mobility and stages of life, Haven Health’s assisted living centers in Camp Verde and Show Low offer beautiful settings and the comforts of a welcoming community.

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Behavioral Therapy

With a structured program that uses minimal medication, we provide a therapeutic living experience in a skilled nursing facility for patients who have experienced global cognitive impairment (GCI). This behavioral therapy program is specially designed to help patients who are affected by brain injuries, dementia, substance abuse, hypoxia, or other conditions. Our caring professionals at Haven Health’s Lakeside location provide skill-based social, behavioral and cultural approaches to treatment that help patients grow and improve in a comfortable environment.

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Complex Wound Care

Patients recovering from surgeries or injuries sometimes need complicated bandaging or dressing and may have many stages of recovery. These complex wounds cannot be easily managed in a home setting and require the help of skilled nursing professionals to heal quickly and avoid potentially dangerous complications such as infection. Our caring professionals monitor this process closely and adapt treatments to meet the patient’s needs as they recover.

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Infectious Disease Care

Due to the danger of infecting family members and communities, patients recovering from infectious disease need help from trained professionals in a qualified skilled nursing setting. Haven Health’s facilities follow careful and proven guidelines for safely preventing spread and helping patients recover quickly. Haven Health provides advanced, safe treatments for infectious disease by caring professionals in a comfortable environment.

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Occupational Therapy

Patients and their families need a hopeful and helpful way to recover from an injury or surgery that affects their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Haven Health’s licensed occupational therapists work with patients to customize a treatment plan to help them regain important skills so that they can safely transition home. Focusing on dressing, bathing, cooking, cleaning and other essential ADLs, our caring professionals work to help patients heal, adapt, and regain their independence.

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Physical Therapy

After an accident or surgery, patients often need physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength. Our caring professionals provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for post-acute and post-hospital care patients in a beautiful and comfortable environment. With fully equipped skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers all over the State of Arizona, Haven Health offers customized rehabilitation, physical therapy, and holistic treatment to help patients have a full recovery.

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Skilled Nursing

Covering treatments from complex wound dressing to powerful intravenous infusion therapy, skilled nursing provided in a specialized healthcare setting can make an enormous positive difference in a patient’s recovery. Haven Health’s skilled nursing care facilities offer a wide variety of short-term, high-level medical care. Our caring professionals provide customized treatments in a restful and supportive environment for doctor-ordered skilled medical care.

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Specialty Infusions

Depending on a patient’s condition or the type of injury, standard medication and treatments may not be desirable. Instead, skilled nursing professionals can provide specialty infusions of powerful drug combinations through non-oral routes such as injections or intravenous drips. These treatments can be dramatically more effective for pain management, anti-infection treatment or nutritional care needed for recovery.

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Speech Therapy

As a result of injuries, strokes or other impairments, patients may suffer difficulty in speaking or swallowing. Haven Health’s speech-language pathology experts provide assessment and customized treatment plans to help patients restore speaking and swallowing functions. Our caring professionals surround patients with skilled nursing caregivers who provide encouragement and advanced, effective speech therapy.

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Located in our Tucson, Arizona location, the new state-of-the-art respiratory care unit has a welcoming dialysis suite. With expert nurses and compassionate staff, we offer dialysis care here so that our patients will not have to travel to a separate facility for their care, providing peace of mind to both our patients and their families. Here, trained nurses provide compassionate dialysis care using new, innovative medical equipment all while keeping our patients comfortable and relaxed while helping them maintain a sense of independence.

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tracheotomy and tracheostomy

At our Tucson and Sky Harbor location, the brand new state-of-the-art respiratory care unit offers impactful care options for our patients. Our highly-trained nurses and caring staff now offer tracheotomy and tracheostomy care. A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that relieves airway obstructions. Proper medical care after this procedure is paramount, and our skilled nurse staff is trained to not only care for patients but help them recognize potential breathing issues. With attentive care from our compassionate staff, we help our tracheotomy and tracheostomy retain a sense of independence while receiving proper care.

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ventilator care

Depending on the individual conditions of each patient, respiratory care may be a requirement for extended care. Our Tucson location has a new respiratory care unit, complete with state-of-the-art equipment, ready to meet the needs of our patients and help us reach the best possible outcome for their individual health needs. Our skilled nurses and compassionate staff readily provide respiratory care and ventilator care, all while helping our patients maintain a sense of independence.

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memory care

Our trained nurses approach memory care with compassion and experience, providing memory care and support. Through specialized care, our skilled nurses serve each patient, providing reassurance to our patients and their families. As memory-related conditions can become progressively harder to manage at home, our experienced staff of providers provides exceptional memory care aimed at keeping our residents mentally and physically active, and emotionally engaged, while still maintaining communication and connection with family. Haven Health provides caring memory care and support at a limited number of facilities. 

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The caring professionals at Have Health work tirelessly to help our patients heal and thrive. We have 23 beautiful and restful skilled nursing facilities all over the State of Arizona to provide you with the advanced treatment and compassionate care you need.

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