Frequently Asked Questions

As you find out more about how Haven Health meet your needs, you may have questions about how our services and facilities can fit your specific situation. Here are some common questions and answers about our facilities, services, and other aspects of care.


Healthcare and Services

How Often Will the Rehabilitation Staff Work with My Loved One?

We adhere to the attending physician’s orders. In order to meet these, we have rehabilitation staff onsite 7 days a week. Your loved one can expect a rehabilitation plan that works with them, usually with scheduled time 2-3 times a week.

How Often Will a Physician or Health Professional Visit?

You will be seen by a health care physician or professional shortly after your admission into our facility. In most instances, you will see the attending physician 2-3 times per week.

Do I Need to Bring My Medications?

No, we will order and administer all medications on behalf of our residents/patients.

What Is the Difference Between Long Term Care and Short Term Rehabilitation?

Long Term Care residents are individuals who require 24-hour nursing care. Often, long term care residents need assistance with dressing, grooming, transferring, and/or eating.

Short Term Rehab patients are individuals that require a short stay to regain strength. Generally, our short-term rehab patients require 7 to 30 days of rehabilitation prior to being discharged back home.

What Is the Difference Between Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living?

The difference between a Skilled Nursing Facility and an Assisted Living Facility comes down to the amount of care required to help an individual achieve their highest activities of daily living. Individuals in an Assisted Living Facility do not require 24-hour care to attain their activities of daily living while those in a Skilled Nursing Facility do.

What Services and Types of Therapy Are Offered?

We offer a full range of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. In all instances, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation followed by a custom treatment plan with your goals for recovery in mind.

Who Determines the Length of Stay And Determines When You Will Be Discharged?

Your length of stay will be determined by you and your goals, the attending physician, our nursing team, and therapy department.

How Do I Get to My Appointments?

Our resident’s relations manager or designee will schedule your appointments if needed and our team of drivers will take you to your follow-up appointments.

What Are the Patient Discharge Procedures?

Weekly progress will be measured and discussed with you by the attending physician, our nursing team, and therapy department. As progress goals are met, we will discuss discharge plans and set a discharge date.


What Activities Are Available?

We offer a variety of group activities as well as individual options. Activities are often personalized to our resident’s preferences based on recommendations and involvement.

What Articles of Clothing Should I Bring?

We find that most residents prefer loose and comfortable clothing for most activities and services we provide at our facilities.

Is Smoking Permitted in the Facility?

These rules are facility specific. Please contact your local facility for rules about smoking on the premises.

Are Grooming Services Available for Male and Female Residents?

Our team of Caring Professionals provide daily grooming services for our residents. For residents who desire beautician services we offer on-site salons. Beauticians will provide a list of services as well as pricing.

Financial Questions

Do You Offer Financing Options?

Members of our business office team at the Haven Health facilities are more than willing to create solutions that fit the needs of you and your family. Please inquire with a member of the Business Office team at the location nearest you for more details.

What Documentation Should I Bring?

Copies of all Medical Insurance cards including Medicare cards (front and back please), Financial and Medical Power of Attorney, and state issued ID.