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Two elderly men playing chess at an assisted living facility. In the background is an aid helping another patient.

Benefits of Assisted Living vs. Home Care

Assisted living and home care are two options for individuals who require assistance with daily tasks due to aging, illness, or disability. While both approaches provide support, they differ in the level of care offered and the overall lifestyle provided to seniors. Exploring the benefits of assisted living facility vs. home care arrangements can help…

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A nurse assisting a patient with a walker at a skilled nursing facility.

Benefits of Working at an SNF vs. a Hospital

Selecting a career path is an important decision. Your planned career determines your required postsecondary education and impacts your income and schedule. Some careers offer stable weekday hours, while shift work is common with other jobs. The origins of the nursing profession date back to the 1700s; although many think nursing jobs involve working in…

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A nurse assisting a patient at an assisted living facility.

Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

With the many forms of care available, deciding which would be a good fit can be difficult to navigate and understand. Haven Health wants to help you determine the level of care you or a loved one may need without impeding the independence and rights of the individual.  What is memory care?  Memory care typically…

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A nurse is assisting a patient get dressed in a skilled nursing facility.

Important Features to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

Finding the right assisted living facility is crucial for seniors and their families. With the increased demand for quality care and optimal living conditions, knowing what features to prioritize in an assisted living facility is essential. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with important aspects to consider when choosing a facility that meets both your…

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An elderly woman pulling up her sleeve to show a bruise on her arm.

What Causes Unexplained Bruises in Seniors?

You’ve been there and done it; you go to reach for something or change your clothes, and you or someone with you points out a mysterious bruise. You don’t remember bumping into something or hitting an appendage on anything, but somehow you did. Unexplained bruises are common and even more so for the senior population.…

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Five elderly people are eating breakfast together at an assisted living facility.

Guide to Moving a Parent to Assisted Living

The human body changes as people age, affecting bodily systems and increasing the risk of injuries. You could spend months or years coping with an elderly parent’s injuries after an accident at home or elsewhere. Prepare an aging parent to move to an assisted living facility by learning about common reasons seniors have accidents, common…

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An aid caring for an elderly woman.

How to Address Questions About Senior Care Needs

As of 2020, almost 17% of the U.S. population was 65 or older, and the population is expected to continue aging steadily. Experts predict that by 2060, 23% of Americans will be 65 and older. The aging population affects the U.S. economy and health care system, and there are individual considerations families must address as…

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The backside of a man wrapping an arm around his wife as they sit on the edge of the bed. He is taking care of her as she suffers from dementia.

Seven Tips for Caring for Someone With Dementia

Dementia is a common medical condition affecting a person’s cognitive functions. Types of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy body dementia (LBD). People with any type of dementia may forget who they and their loved ones are, wander, and struggle to perform routine tasks, such as getting dressed. As lifespans increase, the rate of dementia…

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