How SNF Offers a Path for Nurses

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For those passionate about pursuing a nursing career, working at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) can be a great place to start. As with many healthcare settings, skilled nursing facilities depend on the expertise, care, and compassion their nurses provide patients.

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Nursing home facility vs. skilled nursing facility 

Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are two unique types of healthcare facilities designed for patients who require specific healthcare services. 

Nursing homes

A nursing home is a healthcare facility that serves as a permanent residence for individuals who require 24/7 care. Patients will typically include elderly individuals or those who have suffered a severe injury and need long-term, round-the-clock care. Senior care facility jobs in Arizona will usually include a nursing staff and a supervisory nurse practitioner. 

Skilled nursing facility 

A skilled nursing facility offers the same round-the-clock care, but patients include a range of individuals who require a high level of medical care. Patients in these types of facilities often need a variety of services provided by a skilled nursing facility nurse and other specialized healthcare professionals. 

Common services offered at an SNF include physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as IV therapy, wound care, and continual monitoring. Patients who are cared for in a skilled nursing facility have typically suffered a severe injury and need rehabilitation services until they are able to resume taking care of themselves. 

What is it like working at a skilled nursing facility?

SNF nurse jobs are very similar to a hospital nursing job, assisted living nursing job, or a nurse job in another facility. They may observe, assess, and treat patients, administer medication, monitor patient recovery, and more. 

A skilled nursing facility nurse will work directly with patients but may often work with the same patient for longer periods of time because of the type of care required. 

Senior care facility nursing jobs work with patients who typically require less specialized care and more assistance with daily tasks like dressing, eating, and mobility. Often, this type of care is offered by a certified nurse assistant (CNA). 

Can you become a nurse at a SNF?

If you are already a registered nurse, you can apply for available nursing jobs in Arizona within a skilled nursing facility. Many individuals who wish to pursue a nursing career but are not yet registered nurses can still start their career at a skilled nursing facility as a CNA. This type of healthcare professional works under the supervision of a nurse, handling essential tasks like taking vitals, dressing wounds, and relaying important health information to supervisory nurses. 

Begin your nursing career as a CNA 

When you work as a CNA at a skilled nursing facility, you’ll be able to engage with patients in a variety of different ways. Whether working with an array of patients or working alongside occupational and physical therapy healthcare professionals, your skills can be applied in various settings.

The more you engage with different settings and patients as a CNA, the easier it will be for you to narrow down the type of work you’d like to do once you become a nurse. 

Additionally, when you start out as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility and continue taking the required coursework to obtain your certification as a registered nurse, transitioning into a nursing role at your SNF will be easy to do.

How do I start working in the nursing field?

There are many ways to start in the nursing field, and once you’re in it, there are different types of roles available for you to choose from. 

The most traditional method of becoming a nurse is by going to a university and completing a nursing degree program. Some schools offer 4-year programs, while others offer 2-year programs. 

Another common way to begin working in the nursing field is as a certified nursing assistant. While a registered nurse has more autonomy than a certified nursing assistant, starting as a CNA allows you to gain real-world practical skills that will assist you as you pursue a nursing degree. 

To obtain a CNA certification, you’ll need to enroll in a CNA program and then successfully pass the state nursing assistant exam. Once you become a CNA, you’ll be able to further advance your skill set by applying to become a licensed nursing assistant. An LNA meets all the educational and exam criteria of a CNA but provides additional information to regulating bodies in order to obtain the LNA endorsement. 

Once you obtain a LNA endorsement, you can continue building your skills while enrolled in a nursing program. Often, an endorsement helps prospective nursing students in their career goals as they’ve already been engaging in real-world skills development.

Begin your nurse career at Haven Health

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Pursuing a nursing career is a milestone decision. When you take the first step toward your career goals, you’ll be surprised at how possible it can be to make your dreams a reality. 

In addition to our commitment to offering quality care to the patients in our skilled nursing facilities, Haven Health is committed to helping individuals realize their nursing career goals. We are proud to offer a top-quality free CNA training program that allows prospective healthcare workers just like you to realize their goals. 

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