Our Shoulder Replacement Care Can Help Your Loved One Recover After Surgery

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What does shoulder replacement surgery recovery involve?

If your family member needs help recovering after shoulder replacement surgery, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You want your loved one to carefully rebuild mobility and skills needed for activities of daily living (ADLs). Whether the shoulder replacement surgery was due to arthritis, chronic pain or a sudden, acute shoulder injury, compassionate rehabilitative care and support can help your loved one return home quickly and safely.

Our caring professionals work with our resident’s healthcare providers to develop a comprehensive recovery plan unique to shoulder replacement needs. We help post-surgical patients after:

  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement
  • Partial shoulder replacement
  • Shoulder resurfacing

At Haven Health, we have the skills and experience to help your loved one regain use of their shoulder so that they can enjoy an independent and active life. Contact our team to learn more about our physical therapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services!

With locations across Arizona, Haven Health offers the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Recovering from a shoulder replacement with Haven Health

Our Haven Health team offers specialized rehabilitation services for those who need help improving flexibility, range of motion, strength and confidence after shoulder replacement surgery. We provide:

  • A warm, healing environment built on empowerment, trust and compassion
  • Licensed physical and occupational therapists who are passionate about what they do
  • Protective measures to ensure your family member’s safety during sessions
  • Coordination with your loved one’s doctor for an effective recovery plan

Haven Health has state-of-the-art rehabilitation gyms and strength-building equipment to help residents improve physical mobility and stamina. Our goal is to work with your loved one to achieve a successful recovery and safe return home after shoulder joint replacement surgery.

How does shoulder replacement recovery care work?

Your family member will have a dedicated team of passionate physical therapists and skilled nurses throughout the recovery process. We prioritize building trust and respect so your loved one feels safe and confident while relearning to perform daily activities. After showing improvement in mobility, independence and pain management, your loved one can return home.

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Our skilled nurses and care providers have safety procedures in place to help your loved one carefully transition into our care when recovering from shoulder surgery.

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When needed, Haven Health can schedule and arrange transportation to and from follow-up appointments when your loved one’s personal doctor is unable to visit our facilities.

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Insurance and Costs

Complimentary consultations are available to discuss everything you need to know about insurance and costs associated with joint replacement care, including post shoulder surgery care.

How to get started

If your family member needs help or will need help recovering after shoulder replacement surgery, Haven Health is ready to help. Contact our team now to see which locations offer joint replacement care and how our compassionate caregivers can help your loved one thrive.

Shoulder Replacement Care FAQs

What is the recovery like after total shoulder replacement surgery?

Most patients will need to limit mobility by wearing a sling in the first few weeks after shoulder replacement surgery. A physical therapist or occupational therapist helps patients learn how to safely move their shoulder, build strength and regain functionality so that they can return to normal activities. Your loved one should regain most shoulder movement around six to eight weeks after surgery.

Will pain medication be needed after shoulder replacement surgery?

Pain, bruising, stiffness and swelling are all common after shoulder joint replacement surgery. Your healthcare provider will prescribe medication that will help with pain, which should start to subside over time and with the help of physical therapy.

What happens when my loved one goes home after having total shoulder replacement surgery?

Your loved one’s doctor and physical therapist will give them stretches and exercises to perform at home to prevent stiffness and help with the healing process. You may also need to change bandages and tape strips while at home. Patients should always follow their health professional’s instructions on care after shoulder replacement surgery. This will help your loved one recover quickly and regain full range of motion.

How long will the artificial shoulder joint last?

As with other artificial joints, shoulder replacements are expected to last between 10 and 20 years. Based on the activity level of patients after their shoulder replacement surgery, how long it lasts will depend on the individual. Please talk to your loved one’s surgeon for more detailed information.

What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after shoulder surgery?

Starting a rehabilitation plan after shoulder replacement surgery is essential for a full recovery. Without physical therapy, the joint can become stiff and may slow the healing process. Doing specific stretches and exercises will ensure your muscles don’t atrophy. Activity will increase blood flow to the area, which promotes healing and you will help your loved one regain full motion of the shoulder joint.