doctor looking at chest x-ray for respiratory conditions

What Does the Respiratory System Do?

Breathing is something most people don’t think about. We often go about our day without considering the complexities of what our respiratory systems are doing for our bodies. It’s only when we experience respiratory issues that we understand how essential every breath is to our health and wellbeing. Our Arizona respiratory care experts explain. What…

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Skilled nurse with mask talking to a patient

Tracheostomy Care: Guidelines and Procedures

After a tracheotomy procedure, many patients need skilled nursing care and dedicated support to help them avoid complications. Common nursing duties include tracheostomy care provided in hospital settings, intensive care units or skilled nursing facilities that offer specialized respiratory care. Here are some guidelines and procedures involved with trach care and promoting healing after surgery.…

Category: Respiratory Care | Skilled Nursing

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patient relearning to walk with help from occupational therapist

What’s the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy?

After an injury or surgery, some individuals need support to reach a full and successful recovery. Physical therapy and occupational therapy help post-surgical patients or those recovering from a recent medical procedure or illness regain strength, mobility and the skills needed for activities of daily living (ADLs). But what is the difference? Who needs physical…

Category: Frequently Asked Questions | Occupational Therapy | Physical Therapy

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Registered Nurse helping elder woman in bed from their wheelchair

What Is Memory Care and How Can it Help?

Most family caregivers expect that as their loved ones age, they will at some point struggle with remembering things. However, age or injury-related memory loss can come with far more stressful and disruptive challenges. If you want to help meet your family member’s needs, you need to understand these challenges and how professional memory care…

Category: Alzheimer's | Memory Care

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